All details are related to aesthetics, music, art and creativity, and the combination of all of them create a perfect atmosphere
— Jessica Bataille, founder

Jessica Bataille is an acclaimed interior designer with more than 20 years experience designing residential homes, commercial spaces and her own line of products and furniture. 

Her design aesthetic is influenced by her childhood spent between Holland and the Mediterranean coast of Spain. A mix of cultures between her Lebanese mother and a Dutch father have shaped her style that mixes colours, textures and lighting to tell a story. With her love of handmade design, she collaborates with local artisans to produce authentic, functional designs into the modern world. Natural materials with recycled elements of individuality and character can start a concept, with a colour or texture that can be used in harmony with contemporary elements to create a fully rounded vision. 

The style of Jessica Bataille Lifestyle Company is a blend of authentic Mediterranean combined with a modern, Dutch feel and aesthetic that has a direct connection to the environment and the individual spaces. The use of natural materials and local plants inside and out provide a connection to the surrounding world. 

Her work has been featured in a number of interior and travel magazines including Conde Nast Traveler, Nuevo Estilo and MiCasa.